Using cookies

A cookie is a small file, usually consisting of letters and numbers. This file is stored on your computer, Tablet PC, phone or other device that you use to visit the site. Cookies are widely used Site owners to ensure the work of sites or to improve the efficiency of work, as well as to obtain analytical information.

We and our service providers may use different types of cookies on our sites:

  • Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are necessary for the site to work correctly, they allow you to move around our site and use its capabilities. These files do not identify you as a person. If you do not agree to use this The type of file that can affect the performance of the Web site, or its components.
  • Cookies related to performance, performance, and analytics. These files help us understand how visitors interact with our site by providing information about the areas they have visited and the amount of time they Conducted on the site, they also show problems in the Internet resource, for example, error messages. This will help us improve the performance of the site. Analytics-related cookies also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize the content of sites for those who are interested in our ads. This type of cookies may not be used for your identification. All information that is collected and analyzed is anonymous. Functional cookies. These cookies serve to identify users returning to our site. They allow us to individually select the content of the site for you, welcome you by name and remember your preferences. If you block this type of file, it may affect the performance and functionality of the website and may restrict access to the content on the site.
  • Advertising cookies. These cookies record information about your online activities, including visits to our sites and pages, as well as information about the links and ads you choose to view. One of the goals we set for ourselves is Reflect on our websites the content that is most fully focused on you. Another goal is to provide us and our service providers with the ability to provide advertising or other information in a more accurate manner to your explicit interests. (In this way, we and our suppliers engage partners such as information portals, data management platforms, and demand-learning platforms that provide assistance in processing such data.) For example, if you are viewing a page of our site dedicated to a particular product, we may make sure that on all of our sites or on other sites you see advertisements related to this (or similar) products and related Services. We, our service providers and partners may additionally use other data and information collected through these cookies, including information obtained from third parties, in order to provide you with advertising.

How is other information collected and used?

We and our service providers may use cookies for a variety of purposes, including:

  • To make it easier for yourself and third parties to obtain information about your visits to the site.
  • To process your orders.
  • Analyze information about your visiting pages to improve our site.
  • To provide advertisements, messages and content created by us and third parties on this site and other persons ' websites, taking into account your interests.
  • Help you in obtaining the necessary information.
  • To determine the number of visitors and how they use our site-to improve the effectiveness of the site and to better understand the interests of their audience.

How long are cookies stored on my device?

Some cookies are valid from the moment you log in to the site until the end of this particular session of the browser. When you close the browser, these files become unnecessary and are automatically deleted. These cookies are called "sessions". Some Cookies are stored on your device and between sessions in your browser — they are not deleted after you close your browser. These cookies are referred to as "permanent". The retention period for persistent cookies on your device varies for different cookies. We and other companies use persistent cookies for a variety of purposes: for example, to determine more precisely how often you visit our sites or how often you return to them, how the use of our sites changes over time, and Evaluation of advertising effectiveness.

Who places cookies on my device?

Cookies may be placed on your device by the site administration. These cookies are referred to as "your own". Some cookies may be placed on your device by other operators. These cookies are referred to as "third party" files. BR/> We and third parties may use cookies to find out when you visit our sites, how we interact with email, advertising, and other content. Cookies may collect and use generalized and other information that is not related to the identity of individual users (for example, the operating system, the browser version, and the URL from which you navigate to this page, including from an email or AD) – This allows us to provide you with more opportunities and to analyze the routes of visiting sites. This technology allows you to calculate the number of users who visited a particular service by clicking the link from a particular banner outside of this site, by a text link or images included in the newsletter. In addition, it serves as a tool to collect aggregated statistics about the use of the site for analytical research purposes and helps us to optimize our sites, offer ads according to your interests, as detailed below.

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