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Video shooting from a height of 500 meters is truly an exciting spectacle! opportunity to appreciate the familiar on the other hand. The video is always touches look motivating to make the journey.

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Underwater world strikes with its diversity. Whether it is a colorful coral reef or unusual underwater inhabitants. Very often it is the beauty of the underwater world attracts tourists from all over the world.

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The best photos of interiors are formed in a single perception of the future rest. What helps you to choose.

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Plot can be any. Memorable event, River Walk, fishing or wedding ceremony. It all depends on your imagination.

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Is what we all lack most. Relax by the pool, on a snow-white yacht, a hammock or just a beach. All of this is great for relaxing and distracting from everyday chores.

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Почему мы?

Company Intframe has been working on the market of commercial video and photography more than 10 years. We conduct surveys all over the world. Intframe productively cooperates with companies of different sizes, from beginners to hard established on the market. A large number of successfully completed projects and positive customer reviews are proof of the high professional level of our services.

Have a camera or kvadrakopter-does not mean to get a satisfying customer result. For us shooting is always a creative process. Here you can order aerial and ajerovideo shooting, underwater photos and video shooting, plot and macro photography. Pros of working with US:

  • Work across Russia and around the world
  • Certified Professional Equipment
  • Individual approach to each client

We work not only with shooting, but also often travel, organizing unusual tours for our clients. From them you will arrive with amazing memories, photos and videos. Everyone wants to visit different parts of the world though Would once, a diver dive where there are seas, oceans, lakes and gorges. For you we will open the best places, because we were in each of them not once. For beginners, our certified instructors conduct courses diving as a gift to the tour!

We are open to cooperation and will be glad to your offers!

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Провели мы и наши клиенты в самолетах
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И совсем эти острова не страшные, а очень дружелюбные! А еще невероятно красивые и такие … настоящие. Природа здесь берет верх над всем, даже над оружием и военной техникой. Эта была одна из самых лучших моих поездок!»
Роман Шахрай. "Соломоновы острова с Around.Travel", 2014
Меня долго пугали перед этой поездкой. Но все предосторожности и гипотетические опасности меркнут перед невероятной красотой Соломоновых островов. Это первозданный рай. Спасибо большое организаторам за то что сделали этот тур, такие места надо открывать для себя
Михаил Чесноков "Соломоновы острова с Around.Travel", 2014
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